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The Minister for Transport and Main Roads has today announced the approved amended LS9 and LS10 codes under the Queensland Code of Practice (QCOP), that includes updated rules governing lift requirements, the new codes come into effect from tomorrow 26 October 2018.I have attached the final version of the LS9 and LS10 codes which details the requirements and now form part of the amended QCOP. I will also provide a quick summary of the major changes below.

Under the changes, the maximum lift height has increased from 125mm to 150mm with certification. Consistent with rules that apply in the National Code of Practice (NCOP), internal lift limits have also been set at 75mm suspension lift (an increase from the previous rules of 50mm), 25mm tyres and 50 body blocks for a total of 150mm. As has always been the case, TMR will continue to consider lifts above these limits on application directly to the department.Vehicles with electronic stability control  (ESC) can now also be lifted up to 75mm (50mm suspension + 25mm tyres) without certification. This is in line with rules that apply in New South Wales and Victoria, and exceed the requirements that apply in the NCOP. This means, regardless of whether a vehicle has ESC or not, the same rules apply for lifts up to 75mm.I have also attached an updated version of the Vehicle Standards Instructions: Minor Modifications document which provides a brief outline of the rules specified in the QCOP. A simple Fact Sheet detailing the vehicle lift changes has also been prepared, this is designed as a quick guide for yourselves, but also customers of your businesses for those selling or fitting lift equipment/parts.

 All documents will also be available on the TMR website from later today. At the industry forum last month I gave an undertaking that my team would look at locations where vehicle testing could be completed, and specifically Mt Cotton Training Centre. My team has confirmed there are a variety of test locations in South East Queensland with different pricing structures. Those options include Queensland Raceway at Willowbank, Holden Driving Centre at Norwell, Lakeside at Kurwongbah and Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick. My team has confirmed Mt Cotton Training Centre is also an option for vehicle testing and a member of the public would need to discuss their requirements with management at the site to ensure any concerns with the testing (noise issues for example) can be mitigated. Costs will understandably vary depending on location and length of time the facility is needed. At the forum, I also committed to exploring alternatives to ESC testing. This work is ongoing and my team is still considering options that were discussed. My team will also be discussing options with other jurisdictions and is committed to consistency with other states and the NCOP as far as practical. I will keep you updated on the outcome of that work. You will note in the new codes that there are a number options available to confirm ESC continues to work as designed, as well as the opportunity for new innovative options should they be available. Thank you to everyone for their time and sharing their experience with us to help develop the updated codes. I understand that not everyone will agree with all aspects of the changes TMR have made. However, these reforms are a significant improvement over the previous rules, easier to understand and more consistent with rules that apply around Australia. The changes balance the needs of the four wheel driving community, the modifications industry, and road safety and wider community interests.  

 If you have any questions or need further advice regarding the new codes or in relation to vehicle modifications generally, the team in vehicle standards are only too happy to help. You can contact them atvehiclestandards@tmr.qld.gov.au or 13 23 80 and ask for vehicle standards.

 Thank you. Andrew

 Andrew Mahon General Manager  

Transport Regulation Branch | Customer Services, Safety& Regulation Division Department of Transport and Main Roads


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 The PDF attached to this page are the new LS9 & LS10 Modification Codes that came into effect in Queensland tody 26 October 2018.

application/pdf 293 kB LS9 and LS10 Modification Codes - 26 October 2018.pdf




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